Safilo USA

The Safilo brand portfolio includes an array of designer, licensed brands along with well-known house brands of luxury eyewear and Safilo sunglasses. Safilo is engaged in all aspects of taking fashion eyewear brands to market, including the design, production, distribution and product and brand marketing. Safilo’s world renowned licensed brands include Kate Spade, Fendi, BOSS Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Givenchy, Dior and more. Select proprietary brands include Carrera, Smith and Polaroid. With luxury eyeglass and sunglass brands ranging from comfortable and casual to athletic and high-end, Safilo has a varied international customer base.

The Safilo Eyewear Advantage

Safilo Group represents a diverse portfolio of prestigious brands, overseeing the entire production and distribution chain, covering international markets and keeping abreast of changing consumer preferences. Brands rely on Safilo Group’s outstanding attention to detail and quality, along with:

  • Innovation and technical research
  • Product design and development
  • Production flexibility
  • Diversity of products represented
  • International distribution skill and capability
  • Marketing and communication
  • Distribution and sales
  • Strong focus on product quality 
  • Determination to make the best decisions for each brand

Safilo Celebrates 80 Years with Sustainable Growth Plan for Fashion Eyewear Brands

In celebration of 80 successful years and continued growth, Safilo has renewed its efforts toward sustainable growth and its long-term vision with a new management team and organization plan. Safilo intends to continue representing luxury eyewear in new and unique ways. 

Safilo is the World’s Second Largest Manufacturer of Eyewear

Eyewear is a growing market. Safilo fashion brands are experiencing strong growth due to increased demand for luxury eyeglass frames and fashion sunglasses. The brands are appreciated for their contemporary fashion designs, outdoor sports inspired eyeglass designs and the mixture of value, performance, attention to detail and luxury fashion appeal. 

Safilo’s Competitive Edge

Safilo’s diversity of design and attention to quality give it an advantage in the international luxury eyewear market. The Safilo brand portfolio includes fashion eyeglasses with many different characteristics. The line includes everything from highly technical offerings to luxury fashion frames and from sporty sunglasses to ski goggles. Brands and buyers appreciate the Safilo eyewear offerings:

  • Quality designer eyeglass frames in all major segments: Luxury fashion eyeglasses, contemporary eyewear frames, sports inspired eyewear including sunglasses, goggles, and prescription frames
  • Eyewear for the mass cool and atelier markets
  • Excellent customer service

Safilo Represents a Balance of Proprietary and Licensed Brands

The company is expanding its portfolio of brands to allow for greater strategic independence. Safilo is also looking to expand into new international markets. The Safilo portfolio is well-positioned in the global market with current distribution in 130 countries and strong growth forecasts.