Europa International

The Europa Luxury Eyewear Collections

Europa International was founded in June of 1977 with the goal of providing customers with quality products, excellent customer service, and fair prices. The company is expanding and changing to meet the needs of the growing eyewear market. In recent moves, the corporate offices have moved from Buffalo Grove to Vernon Hills, Illinois, manufacturing has begun in the US, and Nicolas “Nico” Roseillier is named as Creative Director. These changes are expected to bring growth and a new creative direction to the company. 

Europa Strengths in the Luxury Frames Market

The company was built on the distribution of imported frames, starting in the Shapiro family’s garage and has grown into an international distributor of luxury eyewear, selling Europa frames in more than 20 countries and expanding.

As an independent family company, Europa’s strength is in teaming with independent eyecare professionals and focusing on service, quality, and meeting the unique needs of each partner. 

Europa’s State Optical Brand is Made in America

Europa wanted to manufacture their eyeglass frames in the United States, against the advice of other distributors and their manufacturers. After much research and development, in 2016 Europa began marketing their State Optical brand eyewear, each frame crafted and marked “Made in America.”

Europa’s State Optical Brand is currently the only eyewear brand manufacturing frames in the United States. The brand is known for its quality and for taking the risk of handcrafting frames in the US. Each frame takes an average of 3 days of hand carving, sanding, and crafting to create.

Europa Eyewear Collections

  • Cinzia Ophthalmic Collection -- A line of luxury eyewear frames that are edgy enough to set the trend for bold and colorful frames. Sophisticated and avant-garde with attention to detail and craftsmanship. 
  • Cote D’Azur – Eyewear designed to be a fashion accessory for the mature consumer. Crafted with quality and value, it appeals to those wanting sophistication and style.
  • Cote D’Azur Boutique – Offering a stylish embellishment on traditional frames, these luxury eyewear frames have art deco touches that offer a unique feminine twist. 
  • Scott Harris creates a unisex collection that ranges from traditional to high fashion designs. Scott Harris models are constructed with the finest details to make them comfortable and durable.
  • Scott Harris Vintage offers the same long-wearing comfort in the Vintage Collection for men and women. The frames are a cross between the modern aesthetic of muted colors with the shapes and feel of vintage frames. 
  • The Michael Ryen Collection for men offers cutting-edge style in more generous sizes. 
  • The David Benjamin Collection for men and women uses cutting-edge technology to create luxury frames that are a fashion accessory. Each frame offers a little distinction to help you create your personal style. 
  • db4k styles are fun and playful frames designed for the cool kids. They offer a comfortable style that grows with the child.