About Us


Committed to driving transformation and profitability

The Alliance is powered by CECOPthe leading global association of independent opticians and optometrists, delivering collective buying power, operational best practices, strategic solutions and other services to 4500+ members across Europe, Latin America and North America.  CECOP and The Alliance combine years of expertise serving the independent optical market with continued US-based operations and local insights to bring value to our Members.

We partner with more than 120 brands globally, and facilitate collaborative relationships with the right suppliers for you stateside.  We share our expertise in bringing customers to stores and getting them to stay and buy.  We help you operate most efficiently and profitably.

Our Value

Our proven strategies for success help you achieve operational excellence and grow revenue.  We deliver membership benefits including:

  • Scaled purchasing with premier suppliers
  • Proven, best-in-class business practices
  • Strategic and operational management expertise
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Unmatched rewards program with exclusive incentives for Members

Our Origin


Founded in 1996 by the visionary Jorge Rubio, CECOP has stood apart for its revolutionary commitment to the needs of professionals in the independent and entrepreneurial sector of the optical market. Our core values are in our company DNA: collaboration, excellence, flexibility, commitment, innovation and ethics.

Our Reach

CECOP has operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Ireland, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States, and is expanding globally.

Why this matters to you: we have a solid track record serving the independent optical market and partnering with a wide range of popular and innovative brands to bring value to our Members.


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